Sunday 22 November 2015

I've been Shortlisted for the Just Cause 3 Trailer Competition!

I am both surprised and flattered to have been shortlisted in the top 21 of the Just Cause 3 Trailer competition (

The competition involved creating a trailer for the new video game using whatever resources you wanted, but they provided you with some gameplay footage and a licensed music track. You could use as much or as little of the video and music provided to compete in 3 categories: Best Use of Audio, Best Action and Best Humour. As a music composer, I went for writing my own score to a video I put together from the supplied gameplay footage, aiming for the Best Use of Audio category.

With thousands of international entries I am chuffed to have been selected and it's great to get this recognition for my music.

It is a shame however, that certain individuals who failed to make the shortlist felt the need to publically write hateful vindictive comments under my video entry on YouTube. It saddens me that there are people out there who enjoy upsetting people like me (I was not the only one targetted) who have put a lot of work into their entries. As a result I was forced to disable comments on my video. If you do like my video, please feel free to click the 'thumbs up' underneath it to show your support. Thanks.

Here is my entry:

You can view the rest of the excellent finalists here:
Show them some love too!

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